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This is the OLD podcasting tricks site.

Posted by podcastingtricks on August 5, 2006

If you are on the podcastingtricks.com/wordpress.com site you are at the wrong place. The new site is at http://podcastingtricks.com/



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Site transfer in progress

Posted by podcastingtricks on August 3, 2006

Some of you should be able to reach the new domain by now. We hope that by the end of the day we’ll have the server switch finished and things will be back to normal. We’ll keep this site running for a month to remind people of the new RSS and URL. Thanks for your understanding.

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We May Be Off The Air For Up To A Day

Posted by podcastingtricks on August 2, 2006

During the server switch, it might take a full day for some of you to find the new and improved podcastingtricks.com. Please note that the new URL will be http://www.podcastingtricks.com and NOT https://podcastingtricks.wordpress.com.

Sorry for any inconvenience but it will be worth it for all of us in the longrun once we make the switch.

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New RSS Feed For PodcastingTricks.com Read This!

Posted by podcastingtricks on August 2, 2006

Hi gang. Just a note to say the site is moving to a new server. This week sometime, the feed will break. If you want to keep your subscription to the blog, use one of these new feeds…

<link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”RSS 2.0″ href=”http://podcastingtricks.com/?feed=rss2&#8243; />
<link rel=”alternate” type=”text/xml” title=”RSS .92″ href=”podcastingtricks.com/?feed=rss” />
<link rel=”alternate” type=”application/atom+xml” title=”Atom 0.3″ href=”podcastingtricks.com/?feed=atom” />

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MP3 Trimmer – PodcastingTricks.com

Posted by podcastingtricks on August 2, 2006

If you distribute your podcasts in MP3 format, it’s almost a sure bet that at least once, you’ve wished you could edit the final MP3 file without having to start from scratch, going back to your original, editing and re-converting.

Thanks to a nifty Macintosh-only utility called MP3 Trimmer, you can remove unwanted portions of your MP3 files without losing quality.

Beyond the simple things, you can even do fades, change gain, join or divide songs or files, repair or analyze the MP3.

The program is sold as shareware. And for the $10.95 registration you get free upgrades, Registering will remove the reminder pop ups for good, allowing you to work much faster. It will also enable you to use MP3 Trimmers drag-an-drop functionality to full extent.

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Open Source DAW – PodcastingTricks.com

Posted by podcastingtricks on August 1, 2006


If you’re into open source products, you probably think I am going to talk about Audacity. But you’re wrong. Instead, I am going to point you to a much more robust, (and harder to learn) piece of software called Ardour.

Ardour is a digital audio workstation (DAW). Podcasters can use it to record, edit and mix the audio for their podcasts. While products like Audacity allow for quick and easy sound recording, DAWs like Ardour are more about crafting and refining sound. This product would be more comparable to ProTools or DigitalPerformer.

There is one big difference between Ardour and other high-end DAWs…it’s free. The makers do accept donations but they’re not required.

Ardour doesn’t run on Windows but it does run on Macs or Linux. It supports VST plug-in architecture. It has one big advantage over some commercial DAWs in that it doesn’t interact with any particular hardware. If you want to run ProTools, you have to use Digidesign audio interfaces.

Since this is an open source tool, and free of charge, it’s not quite as robust as some of the pro-line DAWs. It’s not a sound file editor, a MIDI sequencer or a loop-based music system. But if you want to record, edit and mix audio for your podcast and you want something that does that fast and free, Ardour may be the DAW for you.

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Back To The Old Look

Posted by Scott on July 31, 2006

Sorry for the back and forth but I got some complaints that the blog was too hard to read using the new theme so I switched back to the old theme. There will be one more change. I am in the process of moving the blog to a new host, and away from WordPress. While I’ll still use WordPress as the blogging platform, I’ll have more control over the process and think I will be able to deliver a better user experience. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I make these changes.

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